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Trees can make your yard look clean and full, or they can make your yard look cluttered and unkempt. Pruning makes a lot of difference. However, you may not know how or when to prune your trees for optimum health and growth. That’s where we come in.

At Arborsmith Pro Tree Service, we offer tree pruning services in Port Orchard, WA, and surrounding areas, like Gig Harbor, WA, and Bremerton, WA.

Why Do You Need to Prune?

When you prune your trees, you promote their growth and improve overall health, but that’s not all. Tree pruning offers a number of other benefits as well, including:

We can set up a pruning schedule to ensure your tree receives the proper care on a regular basis.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Tree care isn’t just our job — it’s our passion. We offer a variety of services to ensure your trees are a beautiful addition to your property. Plus, after we prune or remove your tree, we thoroughly clean up the area to leave your yard in pristine condition.

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The Benefits Of Tree Pruning Services

One of the amazing benefits of living in this part of the country is the variety of trees that grow abundantly in our soil and climate. Well-maintained trees add to your Port Orchard, WA, home or business landscaping.

Unfortunately, trees that are not cared for can become a problem on any property. Arborsmith Pro Tree Services Inc. offers professional tree pruning services from arborists trained in pruning and maintaining trees of all species to ensure optimal health and longevity.

Why Use a Tree Trimming Service

Failing to remove old, dead, or diseased limbs on a tree can reduce the life cycle of the tree. Old branches or dead limbs on the tree are also a hazard and can end up causing damage to your home, vehicles, or property if they fall.
Regular tree pruning also enhances exposure to sunlight, ensuring plants, shrubs, lawns, and the tree itself stays healthy and growing. Fruit trees need tree trimming services to produce healthy, luscious fruit.

In addition to maintaining the healthy trees on your property, we also provide 24/7 emergency tree services. We can assess the damage to the tree and determine if trimming and pruning or emergency tree removal are required. In many cases, we can save part of the tree rather than removing the tree completely.

Our team can provide a free quote for tree pruning services on your Port Orchard, WA, residential or commercial property. To find out more, call us today at 360-590-8771.

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Trees that directly endanger people, property, or infrastructure must be removed in an emergency. Usually, it is done in response to calamities caused by nature or sudden, unforeseen events like trees falling.

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